Marcella Wisbrun | First Dates… WK2014
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First Dates… WK2014

First Dates… WK2014

The first dates for De zwarte engel are set!

Photo: Peggy de Haan | Design: Jonathan Chin-Sue

12 May : a 20-minute teaser in Klein Carre, Amsterdam.

26 May : first full-lenght try out in Theaterstudion Amsterdam.

4-14 September : Amsterdam Fringe Festival

dates for june/july/august are being confirmed as we speak, so stay tuned!

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Bookings & Sponsorship
To book this show for your venue and/or event, please contact
Sponsors are also very much welcome.

Creative team:
Marcella Wisbrun | performer & creator
Harmen Kreulen | piano
Setske Mostaert | vocal coach
Eva Zanen | final direction