Marcella Wisbrun | Ain’t no party like a X-MAS party!
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Ain’t no party like a X-MAS party!

Ain’t no party like a X-MAS party!

In December 2010, I performed a try-out show entitled Ain’t no party like a X-MAS party!. It was my second solo show premiering that year, after Broadway Baby (Feb.2010).

Photo by Odette Denijs

In Ain’t no party like a X-MAS party! I embarked on a quest, in search of the meaning of Christmas, and what it is all about. It was my personal quest and point of view, which at the same time was something everyone in the audience could identify with.

The one-hour show took place in two different venues that month, Universiteitstheater Amsterdam and Parooltheater, and on December 23 my very own, very first review came out in the papers!! ‘Het Parool’ wrote:

“Wisbrun heeft een prachtige stem en dat laat ze horen ook”
“Met Zuid-Amerikaanse passie en de bijbehorende snik: kippenvel”

Not only did the review in the papers reassure me that my story had a purpose that Christmas, but the reaction of the audience each night was heart-warming. There is nothing more gratifying for an artist than to inspire and move your audience.

The songs I chose for my show were explicitly non-Christmas songs – I decided to draw from a range of some of my favourite musical theatre, pop and Brazilian numbers and let each of them bring a message across that can be related to Christmas.
I dedicated every song and story to a different topic – topics I believe are all very much a part of the Holidays:

For those in pain and with grief, whatever the cause; for those who feel forced to be joyful and jolly; for those who overeat and feel fat; for those who’s relationship is falling apart; for those who are overachievers and/or perfectionists and being swayed by materialism; for those who just need a little courage; for those who can’t wait to fall in love – and be loved in return; for those who’s love is not being returned; and for those who despite all of the above, still have faith and believe in peace and love.

As I am writing this I find myself wondering why I have not reprised this show ever since. Who knows next year I’ll try to warm your hearts again during the cold winter months. For now, I leave you with my best wishes in writing.

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014!

Love, Marcella